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Bally's Las Vegas
67,000 square foot casino and sports book with over 1,500 slot machines. 44 acre resort with 2,814 rooms and suites, ten restaurants, outdoor pool, full spa, tennis, shopping area, free monorail to the MGM Grand. A Hilton Hotels property.

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  Bally's aug 14th 2006
The room was great. We were told the north tower are recently remodeled and very nice, however offered no view. I thourougly enjoyed the view. I would reccommend the north tower at Bally's for location and view. The hotel was great, elevators were quick however there is quite a long wait for the buffet. Good buffet but a long wait. I would not reccommend the Signatures gift shop near the front desk, there is a rather rude and unhelpful older woman that works in the daytime. Bally's is centrally located and one can easily access either the bus or the monorail. There is a wonderful little pastry shop next in the walk between Bally's and Paris. TRY IT! yum! Have fun and bring your walkin' shoes, you'll need them!
cynthia cleveland <>
tulsa, ok, USA - Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 10:27:00 (CDT)
  First Trip to Vegas
We stayed at Bally's based on recommendations from a co-worker. We got to the hotel around 4pm on Sunday. We had to wait an hour for a king size room. They did have two queens available, but that's not what we wanted. The room was very nice. It was in the north tower. The window view wasn't much to look at. The bar in the casino was always hoppin. The entertainment was still going when we came in at 1:30am. I enjoyed gambling there as much as anywhere. They didn't provide much in the area of coupons. Many of the ones they gave us had already expired. I did have a problem with my room key. They gave us new ones and on the last night, mine quit working again. The pool is a very long walk from the rooms. It was too hot for us to use it anyway. They had a couple of reasonable priced places to eat in there forum shops area. We thought everything else there was overpriced. It was easier to get coupons for other places to eat anyway. The bottled water in the room was $4.50 and the safe is $3 a day. We got a cooler and drinks from Wallgreens and just kept putting ice in it from the hotel. That saved us a lot of money. The best advantage is having the monorail station behind the hotel. That saved us a lot of walking and cab fair. I recommend getting the 3 day passes for $40 a person. It's well worth it.
Mike <>
Dobson, NC, USA - Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 10:39:24 (PDT)
  Have been to Vegas six times, and have stayed here three. Always a good deal, great rooms, and good food. Of the four hotels I have stayed at, Bally's has done the best job. Never any major problems experienced here. The same cannot be said for the Aladdin or the Paris!
Mark Koenig <>
Portland, OR, USA - Thursday, December 29, 2005 at 02:02:46 (PST)
  A renovated room in Ballys is as good a room as you will find in all the premium hotels on the Las Vegas strip and for a fraction of the price. The hotel doesnt have a theme but after a day out in vegas it is often nicer to just come back to someone a little quiet.

You can use all the facilities of the Paris which is attached internally to Ballys and pay half of what the Paris residents pay. Not only that but as we know its all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION and this hotel is bang opposite the bellagio, caesars, the flamingo and bang next door to the Paris. This hotel is without a doubt the best kept secret of the strip.
Dean <>
London, UK - Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 02:33:16 (PST)
  The hotel was great, but the only thing that I didn't like too much was the service in the casino. I gambled in different casinos and everybody was always friendly but in the one of my own hotel the cashiers were not fiendly at all. I approached different cashiers so that I wouldn't judge based on only one person, but the story repeated itself with each one. I mean, I was there to spend my money but I almost felt more comfortable spending it elsewhere.
Diana Pazmino <>
Stillwater , ok, USA - Monday, March 21, 2005 at 17:49:06 (PST)
  I really enjoyed my stay here. I went with two friends, and we all agreed, this was a great place to stay for the price/value.
Mike Ralston <>
Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 19:12:57 (PST)
  I stayed at this hotel because it was a great deal and the location was also great. Its located right near or next to Paris Paris, Bellagio, and Cesars Palace. The only problem I have is that the maids stole my camera with my pictures and a few cd's from my room. We complained to the staff and all we got were "we will investigate" crap. In reality it meant "we screwed you again." All I can say is that the location of the casino is great but the maids have really sticky fingers. I suggest that you lock your stuff in the safe or leave it at home if its big or bring it with you if its small.

Remember maids are not paid well, often treated like crap and made to work long hours with little respect. So stealing from a room is common place no matter where you go. Just because a room is in a $ billion dollar hotel casino does not mean the maids have PhD's. The operation is still run the same, nice front staff with a smile and the back are packed with exploited workers.
Peter Lu
San Francisco, CA, USA - Sunday, August 22, 2004 at 09:42:34 (PDT)
  This was our first trip to Vegas (April 29 to May 2, 2004). We chose Bally's on a friend's recommendation because of the central location on the strip. It was a good choice as far as locations go however the hotel was very basic, quite boring, and definitely smoky. The pool which was small and totally uninteresting was a helluva long walk from the hotel room - downstairs, down a long hallway with nothing interesting except some aqua massage tables (which are worth the $20 for 15 minutes after you've been hoofing it all over Las Vegas). And you have to run the gauntlet of "promotion" pushers from a perfume shop down there. As far as food services at Bally's goes: we went to the Big Kitchen Buffet for brunch and at $12.95 (we used the $2.00 off coupon from somewhere) it was totally overpriced and overrated. Food was sparse, bland, boring, unappealing, trays were empty and we would never go back to that buffet again considering all the other buffets in Las Vegas. (For instance,we went to the Main Street Station off of Fremont Street downtown and had a mindblowing experience there. Glutton's paradise - it was endless with obscene amounts of really good food and very reasonably priced - around $10 per person). We also stopped in for late night eats at Bally's Sidewalk Cafe around 1 a.m. which was a big mistake. Ordered 2 appetizers and 2 drinks and the bill came to $35.00. The food was gross, (for lack of a better description)and the bloody marys were just bloody awful. About the rooms: We upgraded to a "renovated room" at an extra $20 per night cost. Not sure why we did this as we didn't know what an "unrenovated room " was like, but hey, in Vegas you're apparently supposed upgrade where and when you can. The room was very nice, not outstanding, the bathroom fan did not work, the toilet ran, the pillows were large and hard and yes, they do charge $4.50 for a bottle of water in the room. The casino: small & boring, beer at the bar is expensive ($5.00 but at least we got it comped a couple of times). Blackjack slots paid out $52.00 USD on a one dollar bet (not a bad return). Overall, it was a good "first time" choice...moving sidewalks and walkways to other resorts is a lifesaver considering the amount of traffic and the amount of miles we walked. Taxi service was prompt, checking in took some time, checking out was painless as we used the express checkout service offered through the tv in the room. Our next hotel choice would be one that offered more to do and see right on the property. Overall opinion of Bally's: worn out and boring.
T.R. <>
Edmonton, AB, Canada - Tuesday, May 04, 2004 at 09:52:48 (PDT)
Here are two different reviews within one. Last July I stayed here for 2 nights. I checked in and people were very friendly. I went up to my room to find something straight out of the 70's that must of been the bottom of the barrel as far as Ballys rooms go. I immediately called downstairs and said how unacceptable it was. They asked me to come back to the desk. About 10 minutes later they had another room ready. Very nice and classy. Very clean and new. Quite the change in 15 minutes. They were extremely accomodating.

Second time was Oct 27th. Had flew in late from the World Series in Anaheim and had one night booked. Was dressed in a T Sirt and Jeans and hadnt shaved in two days. Checked in with a gentlemen in his 30's. They has a sign there stating to ask about their "suite deals". I thought what the heck and asked what they had. I had a $59 room booked at this point. The next few lines is exactly what happened: The gentleman said he'd be right back and walked over about 6 stations to talk with a lady. He then came back and said that they were upgrading me for free. I said "great thank you very much" and walked up to my room. There for me and my friend was a 1600 sq ft suite overlooking the Strip. There was no rhyme or reason for why they did this. One explanation was they had no other rooms but Sunday Night during a non convention week you wouldnt think so. Anyway it was spectacular like you might expect and for whatever reason convinced me to stay at Ballys when staying on the strip.
Randy <>
Phoenix, Az, USA - Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 22:01:35 (PST)

I just stayed here Last weekend. May 31 and was greatly disapointed in many respects. There were 6 of us staying in 3 rooms. We stayed in rooms 1450,1452, and 1455. My room was not clean, the bathtub was full of black hair, Yuck.

The hotel is under construction in the casino area, and it's hard to walk around it. My girlfriend and I went to the bar to have a drink and gamble, we stood there for a long time waiting for someone to bring us change, for a very long time we sat there and no one came. We needed a cab to go to another hotel and the guy that gets the cab was very rude. I will never stay at the hotel again, and I will be writing them a letter. I have to go back next month, and thanks for this site, as I am staying at the mirage.

Mrs. Maimu Belhumeur <>
Dana Point, ca, USA - Tuesday, June 04, 2002 at 19:41:05 (PDT)

This place is really really great. I loved it. But just like Caesars Palace, the little walk way things take forever to get inside. If theres like a huge group in front of you who decide to just stand there and block everyones path, then you are screwed. Youll be there forever, i like how they put little refreshment carts in the middle of transfering walkways for people. But the casino seemed pretty well sized. And it is definitely a casino that would catch your eye if you were to drive down the strip. Thats very hard for one certain casino to stand out in the midst of all the lights and glamour vegas offers. But Bally's does it. and the location is awesome, although when i went they had construction, so you had to take like collapsable bridges and wood covered sidewalks to get around everywhere, but its very nice if you stay in the hotel, so if you want to go visit another casino, the location cant ruin you, like if you stay in the Stratosphere or The Orleans.
Steve Benoit <>
Moreno Valley, CA, USA - Saturday, April 06, 2002 at 15:41:10 (PST)
Great place to stay, if you are a first timer or a person on a budget then stay here ! Ballys is located in the best area around. It has great resorts around it so you dont have to walk ! Paris Paris is next door, Bellagio is across the street and Cesars Palace is a short walk away. The rooms are big, and so are the bathrooms. The casino does smell like a bit of smoke but that is almost expected of most casinos in Vegas, it is sort of a vegas experance sort of thing. The price of the rooms are affordable and the buffet as a great view of Ballys enterance. The bad is that you do have to walk a great deal from your room to the pool, often going through the casino in pool clothing being looked at. The elevators also take some time. Great thing is that if you want to go to the other end of the strip their is a mono rail to take you to the MGM Grand for free. The bad thing is that while other rail or tram systems are automatic, the Ballys -MGM Grand Mono Rail is operated by people. SO expect a bit of delay and or lines. The Pool is great and one of the Deepest in Vegas like 12 feet or so. The spa on the other hand is littered with leaves from nearby plants. Other than that, everything is great.
Peter Lue
San Francisco, CA, USA - Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 17:36:23 (PST)
The casino smells like smoke!!?? What? I stayed here Feb. 23-27 for a business meeting, and have stayed here 5-6 times before on business, and have never noticed a smokey smell; perhaps my sniffer is broken. Whatever....

Anyway, Bally's is always the same, decent room, good buffet, decent casino, great location, lousy pool that you almost have to take a cab to get to (could they have put the pool any further from the rooms? Perhaps in, uh, Reno?), and consistently crappy service at the front desk. Waited two hours to check in, largely because of the following warning: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, GET IN A LINE MANNED BY A MIDDLE-AGED ORIENTAL MAN. HE IS THE SLOWEST FRONT DESK WORKER IN CAPTIVITY. A BUSINESS FRIEND GOT IN THE LINE NEXT TO ME 25 MINUTES AFTER ME AND GOT HIS ROOM 30 MINUTES AHEAD OF ME. THE MAN IS INCOMPETENT. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.
USA - Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 20:04:49 (PST)

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