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Bellagio Hotel and Casino
Referred to by its creator, Steve Wynn, as "The best hotel in the world". Built in 1998 at a cost of $1.6 Billion. 116,000 square foot casino. 3,025 rooms and suites, twelve restaurants, 10 acre lake with thousands of fountains separates the resort from the strip, botanical conservatory which changes several times throughout the year, fine art gallery, European spa, five outdoor pools, salon, upscale shopping area. An MGM Mirage property.

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  Beautiful eye appeal while walking down the strip. Loved the water show. Loby, service, casino were truly outstanding. My wife and I spent five outstanding days at the Bellagio and have made reservations for another stay in December.
We will be taking my parents for a special occassion.
dave bartlett <>
langhorne, pa, USA - Friday, September 19, 2003 at 15:56:07 (PDT)
  Not go again, too much construction noise, not enough for lids, onterior repetitive, no variety. kids were bored, not many things for them. we all agree that MGM Grand is best for kids and aduts see their lightshow! AWESOME!
staff were rude, bellboys were ungrateful of $15 every time, not even thanx!
rooms were average, much less than expected in terms of value for money, only good bit was fountains.
visit M&M and coca-coal world on strip, water was terrible. smelt and was murky.
john Mcginley
Ny, USA - Friday, July 25, 2003 at 08:10:00 (PDT)
  went with wife and two kids, will not go to Bellagio again! rooms too pricey for what you, get, would have been happy to pay it for better room, construction noise, difficult to sleep. not much for kids, or us! would not recommend with family, or even couple, go to Ceasars or Grand i have found.Grand has best service, and tower rooms are great. did like the fountains, but that was about it!
LA, CA, USA - Friday, July 25, 2003 at 07:51:08 (PDT)
  My husband and I stayed at the Bellagio in Sept. of 2002, and recently came upon this website. We would like to share our views. We were pleasently suprised to have a early check-in when arrived, especially because of my husband having lukeimia. Our first room had a view of the pool, how beautiful-we enjoyed that for one night. Early construction had us up practicaly before dawn! We called down to the front desk and talked to the manager on duty and they very apologetically asked if they could switch rooms for us-we accepted it and were put on the strip side view-(the view was of the flood-lights on the Bellagio) but we thought " oh well", later that morning there was even louder construction noise, again we called and told them that we would need a room that was quite so my husband could rest. To our delight they put us in a suite on the 34th floor overlooking the fountains.! We didn't expect that kind of treatment which was most gracious-We seemed to have been taken under the wing.
The room was plush and very clean. Our room attendents were very, very pleasureable, no matter what we needed, it was no bother. We enjoyed the cleanliness of the casino and actually the quiteness of the casino-not just because of people not winning-it just seemed to be less "cheesey" than all the other casinos-the casino attendents were pleasent and "johnny on the spot" even when we "hit" our little jackpots-We enjoyed dining throught the Bellagio and had nothing but good service and friendly wait staff-The pool was lovely and had some shady areas, but you had to be somewhat early to get those spots. We were a little dissapointed when we found out that all the fountain pools were not heated-the water was like ice!-those areas were the most quaint and romantic, but not at all enjoyable (too bad)-the two large pools were nice-at least the water was comfortable to sit or swim in!-but like most all the pools in vegas, it's only 3'5" feet deep-when my husband is 6'5" he feels like he's splashing in the tub-but that's trivial(I guess). The location is great, you need to go south on the strip, take the tram over to monte carlo and then it's not so far. (the tram is out until 2004)-If you want to go north near Mirage or Venetian it's a walk but not too bad. The botanical gardens are fragrant in the spring and summer-it smells like heaven-in the fall not as fragrant but just as lovely to look at-worth the free walk through. And finally the fountains in the front-nothing discribes it--see it--feel it--enjoy it! Can't wait to go back!

Julie Wagy
WI, USA - Friday, July 11, 2003 at 23:10:05 (PDT)
  You guys are really pushing it with "no kids allowed" at the Borgata in AC. I don't think that you will get away with this. My kids feelings were hurt when they saw THE PRESS story today that they were not allowed to visit.
Atlantic City
USA - Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 22:49:05 (PDT)
  A little skeptical about going there after reading all the bad things out the Bellagio but I have to say it’s the best places in Vegas bar none.

We stayed at the Bellagio during our honeymoon everyone was very friendly and helpful. We did call and ask to talk to a host before we booked our reservations and they told us since we were not established at the casino that they would book our rooms at the regular rate and upon leaving they could provide us with complimentaries based on our play. Not being the “get as much as we can for free” type of people we went ahead and made reservations.
We were greeted at the front doors with smiles from the people who parked our car (Richard) and from the two girls in the lobby asking if we needed assistance. My husband plays tables and I play slots they combine both of our play to give us the most that the can. We went to the Mirage and played there as well, the players card is good at all their hotels. As my husband was playing at the tables at Bellagio a man approached him and asked “why was he not being rated. The pit boss sent over a tall hansom gentleman and introduced himself as a casino host (Flinny I believe). As I was playing a man walked up to me and said “hello there Mrs. Stewart” with a big smile and I was trying to remember where I met him. He introduced himself as a slot host (Carey). He could see the way my mind was wondering (as you can see I remember names well but didn’t recognize him) he explained to me the way he knew who I was. He asked if we were staying in the hotel and told me that I had already accumulated quite a few points on my card. He also asked how my trip to the Mirage was which just blew my mind. They only bad thing in my eyes was that our hosts could not get dinner reservations they were sold out. So my husband slipped the man a bill at the door and that got us the table over looking the water show.
All and all we had a great time at the Bellagio and we only played enough to have our room taken care of as well as the dinner at the Prime stake house. Our bill was about two hundred dollars when we cheched out. We are not big gamblers and the complimentaries we were given is what we had earned from our gambling.
I researched this site before we took our trip and everyone complained about the things they got for free. Why fight with some one to get more then what you have not earned? Maybe the employees that everyone has complained about just got through with a person; like William Dennison who wrote in on how to cheat the system, who fought with them about getting something for nothing just before you approached them.

Water show was beautiful.
Andy Warhol's celebrity paintings were unbelievable.
The pool was spectacular
And the dinning is out of this world

Next time we are going to check out the MGM

Mr & Mrs Stewart <Stewart>
Chandler, OK, USA - Saturday, March 08, 2003 at 05:53:16 (PST)
  The hotel is nice, but since this is a Vegas review I gotta say the gambling is poor. No fun on the games and comps are abysmal even by strip standards. I try to stay at the nice places, but game off-strip (shameless plug: Coast casinos rock!) I wouldnt stay at Bellagio again but thats only because there are so many nice places to try and Bellagio was kinda dull inside. If this helps this was a 4-guy "party" vacation so maybe its better for older people or couples. There is a lot of romantic-type things there, but so oes Venetian (gotta love a gondola ride with a hottie!)
anonymous <>
atlanta, ga, USA - Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 05:10:58 (PST)
  I booked my trip to stay at the bellagio on, and I have to say I was very happy with the result. I had no troubles at all, and the bellagio was fantastic! Its expensive, but I would definitely recommend a trip there. The pool is unbelievable! These guys in Las Vegas just have too much money, I guess. I'm not a big gambler, but lounging by the pool is something I can do. The casino was fun too.
mj teason <>
Annapolis, MD, USA - Tuesday, February 18, 2003 at 21:30:49 (PST)
#1. Highly recommend the deluxe room with TWO queens facing the lake ($$$) or the pool ($$).
#2. If you get a pool view room (which I prefer) REQUEST one that is in the wing directly opposite the elevators when you exit the elevator (in other words when you get off the elevator you walk straight rather than taking a left or right).
#4. ROOM CLOSE to elevators.
#5. CALL for a vaporizer for the room - the air is very dry.
(1)If you have a casino host from another city (i.e. Atlantic City) have your host contact an Executive Slot Host at the Bellagio and get rated before you get there. Provided that you get comps from the other casinos, your remote host may prerate you before you get there.
(2)Register and use more than one player name on your account to accumulate points (higher ratings) faster and it is legitimate. We use a family account. USE YOUR CARD and develop a personal relationship with your host. No tipping (bribe-related).
(3) MEET and GREET your casino host and get a "Line Card" to avoid food lines.
(4)You won't get rated on the tables unless you play min. of $100 for four hours. So play smart and play in a way that is beneficial.
(5)CHARGE all of your meals and spa to your room. Visit slot host prior to leaving and knock charges off. Do not redeem your points before you leave for the a "buffet". Eat well and knock the charges for everything off before you leave. Do not insult yourself to play for a "buffet".
(6) Call your Casino Host for tickets to shows (even the sold out ones) and ask for a limo to get there.
(Lucky 7) Remove the word "buffet" from your vocabulary.
William Dennison
Palm Beach, FL, USA - Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 16:51:23 (PST)
We stayed at the Bellagio October 8-12. The service was wonderful and the casino was exciting. We ate at Nectar for the early special before going to see Danny Gans. The food was great and the idea of having a theater menu is long over due. We enjoyed having drinks at the Fontana Bar watching the fountains. Good place to view the show!!! Our room was excellent and the housekeeping staff met our every request. This was our second stay at the Bellagio and we would return. As a side note, we ate at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris and the food was terrific. I used the Opentable web site to make reservations and we even had a table on the patio. The web site is free of charge to make reservations.
Linda M. Brent
USA - Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 07:22:50 (PDT)
I've stayed at the Bellagio before and I always visit there whenever I go to Vegas. Since it had been a few months since I last went, I was concerned about some of the negative reviews I've seen posted lately. So I went back to see if things had changed. Overall, the property is still excellent. The quality of everything there is top-shelf, the dealers and pit bosses are VERY friendly and fun to talk with, and the casino is spotless. And the Bellagio Buffet is unbelievable! I usually avoid Vegas Buffets but I never miss the Bellagio's. They offer everything - shrimp, crab legs, sushi, buffalo, venison, and every "normal" type of food you'd expect to see at a buffet.

But I did have one very bad experience with the casino hosts that surprised and disappointed me. I was playing Blackjack for a few hours and my average bet was $25 - $50. I gave the pit boss my tracking card so they were watching and tracking my action. After I played, I asked if I had qualified for any comps. The boss told me I could have 2 free Buffets. Since everyone in my group had eaten for the night, I told her I would pass for now and she politely said I could come back anytime during my trip and get the comp. So the next day I went back to the Bellagio, and walked into the host office on the casino floor. There were 2 hosts in the room so I looked at them both and had the following conversation:
Me: "Hi. Who's feeling generous?"
Them: "Ha. Neither of us. You've come to the wrong place for that!"
Me: "Well, I was told last night I had enough play for 2 buffets so I'd like to ask for those, or more if you think my play qualifies for more."
Them: (They look at the computer) "Nope. You don't even qualify for one."
Me: "But I was told by the pit boss last night that I could have 2 during my trip based on last night's play."
Them: "Too bad. You should've taken it last night."
Me: (I agrued with them.)
Them: "OK. I'll give you one. But you don't even deserve that."
So I took the 1 comp, and left quite pissed. I then went to a pit boss who wasn't the same one I saw the night before, and explained what happened. She looked me up and said, "Yes, I can give you 1 more buffet and would be happy to do so." Bottom line is that I got the comps I was promised. But I've NEVER had to argue for something like that nor was I ever treated by ANY casino host as rudely as I was by the two at the Bellagio. My only regret is that I did't get their names.
The bottom line is that the Bellagio is still one of the nicest hotels/casinos in Vegas or anywhere for that matter. I will go back but I'll be sure to take whatever is offered to me at the pits instead of dealing with the casino hosts.

Mike Cruz <>
CA, USA - Sunday, September 08, 2002 at 09:53:48 (PDT)
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