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Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino
75,000 square foot casino and sports book. 2,700 rooms and suites, ten restaurants, poolside luau (April - October), pool, antique and classic auto collection.

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3stars  Good location
Location is ideal but you get what you pay for. If you end up in one of the motel style rooms out back you will have a nice view of a parking garage/loading dock and may have to take an elevator down to get to your room. But the location is good, the casino and sportsbook are pretty good and the auto collection is worth a look. The buffet isn't bad. The room hasn't been updated since the 70's but that isn't a bad thing. It has the old retro vinyl booths and what not which is a plus. I did not stay in the main tower so I cannot comment on the slow elevators there. Nor can I comment on the "Secret elevators" that some IP regulars know about. In my opinion, you should not have to be wasting your time looking for secret elevators when you stay at a hotel because the main elevators aren't getting the job done. Completely ridiculous. Rooms are basic, clean, all you need, really. You'll be lucky if the televison works. If you have only been to Vegas once or twice or not at all and want to be centrally located, you might give this hotel a try if you can get a rate for $100 or less. I would never recommend spending more than t$100 on this hotel.
Johann <>
Chicago, IL, USA - Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 23:30:28 (CST)
  Not nice
The only good thing about this hotel was the location. It is central on the strip. We had to wait in line for check-in for an hour. It's like a line at Disney world. You feel like cattle right from the start. They have several elevators, but only one or two work. So it is quite a fight to get on. You will spend 15 minutes for sure just trying to take the elevator. We did not gamble at the casino or eat at the buffet. Both looked depressing to us. We got the room with the "love tub". It didn't have jets, and all the fixtures looked tired. Much different than the photos we saw of the rooms on the net.
The pool is a meat market. Not my kind of people. Flamingo has a nice pool. Busy though. My allergies got really bad at this hotel. I suspect out of control mold.
JCK <>
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA - Monday, June 25, 2007 at 09:33:27 (CDT)
the rooms were not tastefully decorated, but the room and the bathroom was clean and we had maid service daily. The staff was helpful especially the security guard and maid service, which we had daily. Excellent location, he food in the emporerors buffet left a lot to be desired, but we enjoyed the Legends show immensly. It was our first time to Vegas bu we would defintely stay
again at the IP. Not sure if it was because we booked with a tour company or not.
janice auddino <>
shelton, ct, USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 17:56:18 (CDT)
  I will return...
Stayed at the Imperial Palace to celebrate my 50th birthday and I couldn't have been more happier. Check-in after a short wait was efficiently handled by a charming lady; room had a balcony with a fine view of the mountain range, air con (a novelty in the UK) and nice bathroom/shower; cleaned daily by very friendly staff; auto museum is well worth a visit (spent over 2 hours admiring the vehicles on show). The old saying about a property, that there are three things to look for: Location, Location, Location, is apt here, as everything is literally on your doorstep. I will return...
David <>
England, UK - Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 07:39:57 (CDT)
  This is the place i ever stayed
I would never pay more than $ 100.00 for a room. I have been Vegas at lest 15 times mostly for work(lucky me. I know People that personal knew the old old owner that has passed on. Every person that knew him thought he was a great guy. As for the room lets face it ever hotel in vegas abused it used as a toilet buy the visitors. whappens in vegas stays in Vegas. Every Hotel i have been looks like s**t in the area that they have renovated it an on going thing in the hotel industry. i am very large gambler and i like the hotel that get the worst ratings on here the best because they screw less money out you, thats why they do not look as good as the others. the Ip is a fine hotel the one of only 3 i will stay at on my own dime. The worker giving out change are bad in every hotel. They have the shittest jobs on the planet and could care less if they got fired. this hotel hasd been bought if you think big business is gonna treat you better your of your rocker or maybe just stupid. We need small indepents to keep vegas great. My father went to vegas in the 50's back then the owner knew your names you were not a number like now. Please stay at the IP it the best for your money.
David R <>
minoit, nd, USA - Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 22:56:37 (CDT)
I chose this hotel as a budget holiday hotel and knew nothing about it before I went. The location in the middle of the strip is excellent. The hotel is looking a little tired decorwise. The corridors and elevator landings were grubby and unappealing. The bedroom was adequate and the cleaning service was good. I found some of the barstaff unhelpful, rude and arrogant, very ill-mannered. Most of the staff had a "could'nt care less attitude" apart from the room cleaners who were all very friendly. The free show with the look alike dealers however was very enjoyable. Its a real shame that this hotel is spoilt by the bad service of a minority of employees.
lesley willis <>
Leeds, UK - Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 07:19:35 (CDT)
  This is one big dump!
I go to Vegas alot and this is by far the worse hotel on the stip! The bed actually sunk in and is so old that one room I stayed in had bedbugs. I switched rooms. The best thing about this place is the location, but your better off paying a little more for another hotel--a motel six is better than this. My friend got stuck in their elevator and was offered a $25 gift card at their buffet for the 40 minutes of torture she endured. Do not stay at this hotel if you want anything better than 1/2 star rating. --Not to mention the owner of the hotel is owned by an admirer of Adolf Hitler.
Leigh <>
LA, CA, USA - Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 02:44:47 (CDT)
  The Imperial Palace is nice but here is my gripe
In the past my wife and I enjoyed staying and gambling at the Imperial Palace the rooms were comfy and the staff in both the hotel and in the casino were very friendly, the food in the restaurants was top notch and we enjoyed seeing the Legends in Concert stage show but we stopped patronizing the Imperial Palace starting in 1989 after it was revealed that the owner Ralph Engelstad was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and in fact every year he hosted a birthday party for Hitler at the Imperial Palace, Engelstad proudly owned one of Hitler's staff cars and he had a secret showroom at the Imperial Palace that displayed hundreds if not thousands of pieces of Nazi memorabilia. As a proud jew I cannot in good conscience patronize an establishment that is that owned by a man who condones the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children during World War II for the sake of the progress of the master race.
Hiram Goldberg
Bronx, NY, USA - Friday, June 30, 2006 at 21:18:44 (PDT)
We stayed at this hotel while on a tour , we foundit verry central also clean the food was good we would stay there again.
LEEDS, UK - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 11:16:22 (PST)
  After waiting 20 minutes to check in and another 15 to get to the room, upon opening the door the room was already occupied. I immediately asked to speak to the manager who simply told me this "hardly" ever happens. Great security. No apology. After waiting for an elevator down from the 11th floor one morning for over 15 minutes (every one coming down was full) we noticed the a sign on the stair well exit. It stated all doors lock behind you and you must exit on the first floor. Fine with me. After walking down 11 flights of steps noticing quite a bit of tourist litter, the sign on the first floor says, "Emergency exit only, audible alarm will sound". How ridiculous. We just walked through setting off the "audible alarm". Harrah's is buying the IP the end of 2005. Good luck to them!!!!
kyle london <>
st louis , mo, USA - Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 14:09:53 (PST)
  I am surprized that people are comparing this hotel to the other pricier hotels on the strip. It is older but still retains its charm. And it is very popular, something we noted since there were so many people here (and we weren't here on a "peek" tourist time). My, and my boyfriend's experience here has always been good and above what we have expected. Sure, it's crowded, but it is in the heart of the Strip and it is very afordable. The food was good. The drink rates were reasonable and the liquor strength was strong compared to some of the pricier hotels who water down their drinks. My friend and I ate here several times during our three-day stay, and we weren't disappointed. We liked, especially, that it was close to so many other things (espsecially Margaritaville!) We would definitely stay here again and again.
Caroline Clak <>
San Diego, CA, USA - Saturday, April 09, 2005 at 08:57:27 (PDT)
  Total lack of respect for customers If you enjoy waiting long periods for elevators, smelly dirty rooms, and stingy slot this is the place for you. I could only take one night of it. During that time I saw several incidents were the hotel & casino staff were so abusive to customers it was almost funny. The security guards were clones of Deputy Barney Fife. They didn't seem to scare the kids who ran amok near my room and I'd think twice before leaving anything of value in a suit unattended. The only reason I'd bother to get close to that place would be if a developer purchases the property and imploded it in the traditional Vegas style. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Taylor <>
NY, Ny , USA - Friday, December 03, 2004 at 22:04:56 (PST)
  This place is a dump. Was told they were updating their rooms. What a laugh. Their idea of remodeling is to change the sheets. It smells like a dump. Looks like a dump, then it is a dump. It should be imploded. Maybe it already was. Run away!!!!!!
brad smith
USA - Monday, October 18, 2004 at 16:02:56 (PDT)
  I will only say this three times so please listen... "DO NOT EAT HERE!, DO NOT EAT HERE!, DO NOT EAT HERE!!!"

We stayed a week in July '04 and the rooms were adequate, the service was good and the location couldn't have been better! The staff was friendly and I won about $200 on the slots (not the loosest slots I've ever played but better than a dozen other surrounding casino's I tried).

Here are the worst aspects of this hotel:

THE POOL CLOSES AT 4:00 p.m. TUES. & THURS.!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?! All other days the pool closes at 8!!!! ABSURD!!! And the pool water tasted like salt water! I rate the pool a big fat 0 ! Very dissapointing! During our trip they closed the pool a whole entire day until the next day because some kid threw up in it. It was only 102 degrees there (got free Tea Room dinner vouchers for 3 for our trouble but was like pulling teeth). Sneak into the Flamingo's pool if you can next door.

The food: The absolute WORST FOOD I have ever had the misfortune of putting in my mouth! I actually lost 4lbs. that week! We tried three seperate times eating at the Tea Room and their buffet on the third floor and I got sick twice! Deplorable food! Did a buffett survey while I was there and agree with the results 100%! The Rio has the World Cuisine Buffett and IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST BUFFETT I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE! Be careful though... employees told us $10 but really is $24(non residents)! Was very upset about that!

The Elevators: Plan on waiting an average of 10 minutes for an elevator! But here's a secret... there are secret elevators behind each bank of elevators that few people knew about! Many times we'd go behind and the elevator doors would be open waiting for us while hundreds waited for the larger bank of elevators! But shhhush about that or you'll never catch an elevator.

USA - Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 23:24:45 (PDT)
We booked the standard room because it's cheaper, but we were shocked to see how worse it is!
The standard room was located in the parking lot!
So you know, how noisy and hot all the cars made in the small parking lot.
All the funitures were OLD, and the carpet was dirty.
We also can hear the noise from upfloor guests!
I can't really sleep in the night because the noise from the parking lot never stop, and I felt it's worser than a real motel.
Next morning we paid extra $74 to upgrade our room, and then I found the hotel map showed the standard room location as " Lower level rooms".
I think it's a cheated hotel because the standard room is not standard at all for a three-star hotel!

Los angeles, ca, USA - Monday, June 28, 2004 at 11:04:06 (PDT)
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