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Mirage Las Vegas

100,000 square foot casino and sports book with 2,245 slots and 118 tables. 100 acre resort offering 3,044 rooms and suites, nine restaurants, pools with waterslides and waterfalls, full spa, salon, shopping area, a 54 foot erupting volcano in the front of the resort, the Secret Garden exhibit with Royal White Tigers, an Asian Elephant, a panther and a snow leopard, a Dolphin Habitat with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, a 20,000 gallon aquarium with three different kinds of sharks, an indoor rainforest, pools with waterslides and waterfalls, free tram to Treasure Island. An MGM Mirage property.

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  First time visit to the States and vegas WOW !!!!!!! we went for my brothers wedding definatly something to remember, couldn't of asked for frendlier people from Jay on the door right the way through ! Ideal location for everything slap bang in the middle. counting days to go back would stop there again in vegas !!!
Uk - Monday, December 19, 2005 at 11:59:31 (PST)
  The Mirage is incredible. I have stayed in quite a few Vegas hotels, and this one is by far my favorite. I will be staying at the Mirage for sure on my next trip to Vegas. It is clean, beautiful, romantic and relaxing. The pool is breathtaking. Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden is a definite must see. Being midstrip, you have easy access to anything on the strip. I would highly recommend the Mirage to anyone, as you certainly get what you pay for.
Jenn O'Brian
Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Monday, December 12, 2005 at 13:42:54 (PST)
  Great time til we ran into Siefried and roy at the buffet. Roy insisted on eating cottage cheese and talking(slurred) with his mouth full. The cottage cheese kept dripping out of a hole in his chin...otherwise a good time
Ji, <hocusrb@hotmail.com>
lafayette, ca, USA - Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 19:07:48 (PDT)
  We stay @ the Mirage every year. The rooms are only average, but the food, service and location are the best!
John Pelura, Jr <jpelurajr@verizon.net>
Salem, NJ, USA - Wednesday, June 01, 2005 at 17:50:33 (PDT)
  I have stayed at the Mirage in their tower suite twice. As a very discerning traveler, I hope the following will help you make you choice in hotel.

Overall I really love the room at the mirage. I have never stayed in a standard room, but the tower suite is gorgeous. The bedroom is separated from the living room, dining room and bar through two double doors. The living room has large leather sofas and chairs with a large television, VCR and stereo. The dining room seats four. The bedroom has a huge king size bed that is the most comfortable in Las Vegas with oversize pillows, a fluffy comforter and pillow top mattress. The TV in the bedroom raises out of a box at the end of the bed. The bathroom is huge with a full size shower, jacuzzi tub, double vanity sink, water closet and walk in closet with safe. The overall decor is very nice and the entire place has huge windows for a beautiful view. Simple amentities like plenty of soft towels, bathrobes and toiletries are always abundant and the bar has a mini-fridge empty for your personal food and drink items. Normally if you keep your eye out you can get a descent rate on this suite if you don't mind a little splurge that is well worth the money.

The Mirage has the best service. The girls at the front counter are always attentive, room service is prompt (although over priced) and housekeeping is always prompt. I have never left my room and returned without it being cleaned and have never had to complain about the cleaning.

I sampled a number of the restaurants at the Mirage and was not impressed in the least. Their 24-hour cafe has horrible service and the food is overpriced and not very good. The deli is adequate, but nothing to write home about. The California Pizza kitchen was good, but for those of us from California it really isn't anything new.

I found their slots to be a little tight, but hit a couple of small pots here and there usually walking away with a little of the casino's money. Video poker is scarce and tight. The tables are a little quiet for my taste, but ok nonetheless.

The pool is beautiful. If you are going during the summer definately rent a cabana as the place is packed.

The Mirage is one of my favorite places to stay. Their rooms are just top notch. I rarely eat at this casino which is the major hassel of staying here, but truthful the room and service usually outweigh the inconvenience of walking next door to Casesars or across the street to the Venetian for a meal.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Milinda <milinda21@mac.com>
Pasadena, CA, USA - Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 16:51:54 (PST)
  I've played in the Mirage's casino many times before but this was my first time staying at the hotel. Overall, the quality and service are above average but don't compare to the quality you'll find at the 5 star hotels such as Bellagio and Four Seasons. Rooms are average sized and offer average ammenities. They were quite clean and nicely decorated. Check-in went quickly (5 minutes) and the desk staff was very helpful. Elevators were quick since they have 4 banks of elevators and each back services 1/4 of the hotels floors (for example, the first bank only goes to floors 1-9, etc.) So you don't have a long wait at any time. There are plenty of sights on this property for kids to enjoy so keep this in mind if you are planning on taking your family or if you want to go somewhere without kids. Overall, no complaints. I'd stay here again if I wanted a clean, comfortable room in a good location. I did compare prices on this website with others when I made my reservation and found this site to offer the best prices. The reservations system was very easy to use and I had no problems when I checked in.
Las Flores, CA, USA - Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 19:20:56 (PST)
I love the Mirage, it is the only hotel in LV where I can relax in a magnificent tropical surrounding and when you suffer from a jetlag after flying all day, you need to relax.

Mirage has terrific shops, good quality and tasty restaurants and try their Spa.

Mirage is the only casino where I won too (in 3 years Las Vegas)

the staff is friendly and relax, i like them.

I dream about the Mirage here in Europe, nothing compared to it. I whish I'd lived nearby Las vegas instead of Paris!!

dominique ruault <druault@novacollege.nl>
Ijmuiden, netherlands - Friday, January 31, 2003 at 01:47:19 (PST)

Okay everyone, strap yourselves in because I am about to go on a rant about this resort. I stayed at the Mirage December 14 through 19, 2002. This was my second trip to Vegas with my parents and I'm 21. I stayed at the Luxor on my first trip, so I'm going to do a little comparing. Let's go ahead and start with the good things. Everyone at the valet, the restaurants, and the check-in was very sweet. Beautiful resort. Loved the volcano. The dolphin habitat and Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden was one of the highlights of my trip. Totally enjoyed that. The location is good too. Its nice that you can get off that little walkway and go right up to the Caesar's forum shops. Now lets get to the bad things. The room was nice and clean when we got there and the beds were softer and the pillows were fluffier than at the Luxor. But the view sucked. I think its rediculous that you have to pay 20+ dollars a night for a room with a view. Its scandalous, but I guess they can get away with it. After we were there a few days, we noticed that the room smelled like sewer gas and it was coming up the drains in the bathroom. My mom has a little trouble moving around sometimes, so we didn't want to change rooms, so we toughed it out and it wasn't so bad. But one night, it got cold. So we turned on the heater and it smelled like the thing was catching on fire. We just turned it off and got under the covers and we were okay. Housekeeping could have been a lot better, but it wasn't that great at Luxor either. Maybe its something to do with these mega-resorts. But they never even emptied out our ice bucket. We had the same paper coasters for 2 nights in a row and they were all sweated out. We finally figured out to throw them away so they would give us new ones. And there was a cocktail glass sitting out in the hall for several days. And there were foreigners everywhere! It wasn't as bad at some of the other resorts that we visited, but the Mirage seems to attract a lot of Asians and in a way, it made me feel uncomfortable, like we were among the only Americans there. And I saw several prostitutes. Hey, I know its Las Vegas and that stuff goes on, but if there were prostitutes at Luxor, then I didn't notice it. The restaurants at the Mirage are a little too pricey for a family that wants to watch their money a little. I like eating at nice places, but not every meal. And the Venetian at least has a food court to accomodate people that want something quick to eat at a reasonable price. And the slots at Mirage are horribly tight! I will never drop any money there again. To top off the whole experience, my dad and I went down the night before we left to do the express checkout and we told the girl about the problems we had with our room. She was totally indifferent about it. Didn't care, didn't even offer us a coupon for the buffet. And that was another problem. The breakfast buffet is on until 11:00 and they start changing over at 10:15. I wanted some cereal, along with some other people and they had it roped off, so I just said to heck with it, I'm walking around the rope and getting some. And I had a brief altercation with a tough ol' gal that worked there and told her that my watch still said it was breakfast time and I'm getting cereal. Other than that, Mirage has a great buffet with some of the best desserts I've ever tasted. Champange brunch was to die for. Anyway, I hope that my input (as longwinded as I am) helps someone out. I think the Mirage is a nice place if you are there with a significant other or with friends and you have plenty of cash for the fancy restaurants. But I'd say that if you are there with a family and you want a little more variety and a comfortable enough room, then stay at Luxor. The slots are a lot better over there too.
Robyn <MustangRobyn98@aol.com>
Amarillo, TX, USA - Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 21:51:24 (PST)
could somebody email me with a review of kokomos? Service, price, taste etc... Any views? Should we stay on The Strip side or the Pool side? We are on the 25th floor. Email me at rogersd@contech-cpi.com. any information would be great.

Derek Rogers
derek rogers <rogersd@contech-cpi.com>
arlington, washington, USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 14:28:00 (PDT)

This is a very nice place with the best service in LV! It has lots to see & do along with very nice gift shops. Even if you dont stay here its well worth checking out the zoo & casino.
Tom Morgan
Anniston, AL, USA - Friday, June 28, 2002 at 21:44:56 (PDT)
This is a very nice place with the best service in LV! It has lots to see & do along with very nice gift shops. Even if you dont stay here its well worth checking out the zoo & casino.
Tom Morgan
Anniston, AL, USA - Friday, June 28, 2002 at 21:41:53 (PDT)
I stayed at the mirage for one week. The rooms were beatiful and the service was uncomparable. The Sigfried & Roy show was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The Mirage Also has great free entertainment like the volcanoe and the white tigers. It is the best hotel in town to bring a family. The mirage has some of the best restraunts in town. The hotel has great slots and tables too.
USA - Sunday, June 23, 2002 at 10:07:14 (PDT)
Everything was absoulutly astounding.
USA - Sunday, June 23, 2002 at 09:52:43 (PDT)
I had my first experience staying at the Mirage earlier this month. We stayed in a tower suite on the 28th floor that was absolutely stunning. The bathroom was about the size of an entire normal room in Vegas. I'm an easily entertained person, so you know I was excited about how the TV in the bedroom raised out from the table at the foot of the bed. The views of the strip were also amazing, along with the pool and even the dolphins. Service was top notch, restaurants good, pool area great, the only complaint I have is that the casino wasn't very good to me...I recommend this place 100%
Leah <xoxochic@pacbell.net>
Pinole, CA, USA - Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 11:30:52 (PDT)

Been going to vegas for 10 years or so. Stayed november 2000 at downtown sister hotel Gold Nugget. Going back in august 2002 Only this time the mirage gets our Money. This seems highly regarded as the place to be on the strip. Ill be on my honeymoon and currently have a tower deluxe room booked on the 24 or 25 th floor something like that... Think if i am real nice i can get a free upgrade since its the honeymoon??? Never had much luck there gambling but i did do ok at treasure island.. Are the comps still generous or since MGM bought the property has it gone downhill??? Comments welcome either here or direct to email. Thanks
Robert <rfouch@hotmail.com>
Traverse City, mi, USA - Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 22:04:36 (PDT)

Terriffic service, friendly staff, Japanese Restaurant just OK
Kevin McCormack <Kevco55>
Burke, VA, USA - Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 12:32:55 (PDT)
I just got back from Vegas and I Loved the Mirage. We stayed on 3-19-02 to 3-22-02. It is located at the best spot on the strip, the service was excellent and the check in lines are short. I ate at the Mirage Buffet and the food was great. I suggest you try the Prime rib steak ! The Baccarat Bar made great drinks with just a little wait. However Pina Coladas are not good their, I suggest you try New York New Yorks Pina coladas, they make it better. Other than that hurricanes, margaritas, manhattans, and so forth are great ! While all the good things about the Mirage may be known, the tiger habitat, the great pool, the volcano show, siegfried and roy and so on, the bad may be their room.

The rooms at The Mirage are older than new maga resorts. While the Mirage looks like a new resort its actually older than most hotels on the strip. So expect the rooms to be smaller. The room I stayed in was smaller than other places I stayed at, Ballys, Excalibur, Sahara. So basicly you are paying for prime location on the strip not Room size, service, amenities. Then again who goes to vegas and stays in the Room ahah. Anyway the bathroom had air jet toilets and needed alot of flushing to get things to go down the pipes.When other people flush you can hear it at night. The room smelt like really bad french perfume and made your head hurt. The beds are ok but the pillows are Very BIG and will make your neck stiff. Thats all the bad about the Mirage. This place is worth it ! While new resorts pop up the older casinos still bring in the people ie Mirage or Treasure Island.
Anant Ruka <Agentceo@aol.com>
San Francisco, CA, USA - Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 17:21:02 (PST)

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