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Stratosphere Hotel and Casino
97,000 square foot casino. 1,500 rooms and suites, five restaurants, 110 story tall observation tower (tallest in the USA) with a revolving restaurant, bungee ride and the world's highest roller coaster at the top, shopping area.

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2stars  Stratosphere is Crooked Hotel
Hotel admitted neglect in the loss of our laptop bag from the bell desk but would only cover $750 of $1899 loss. Then they denied paying the check because they said the date was "stale." How's that for a gimmick to cheat their customers.
Heath A Ross <>
Joplin, MO, USA - Friday, May 23, 2008 at 15:15:43 (CDT)
I had a great time at this Casino and would stay here again next year. The Casino was very big and you could see everything as sonn as you walk in. You did not have to try and find everything, you could see it because it was not hidden like some Casino's do. And the rooms were very nice and room service was very good. I walked five minutes to the Sahara and got on the Monorail
and was able to go anywhere I needed to go.
David H. Knight <>
HOUSTON, TX, USA - Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 01:13:15 (CST)
3stars  The connecting door weirdness freaked us out.
Check in - very long lines. But the people were very pleasant.

We saw the kind of room (broom closet) that came with our package, so we paid for an upgrade. It was a clean nice sized suite with a jetted tub, 2 tvs and 2 sinks in the bathroom. We were pleased.

We went to Lucky's Cafe for breakfast. The food sucked and the buffet is not worth it. However, the server was extrememly pleasant. We also went to the Italian place for dinner - very good food and I think fairly priced and just as good any of the fancier ones on the strip.

The view was nice from the top, but we really missed being in the heart of everything. It really lowers the amount of choices for everything you do, unless you want to trek - which we did.

BUT, the reason why we will never go back is because of the connecting door weirdness. The first night we were in town, we had noticed that there was a connecting door to the next room. We made sure it was locked. However, the next worning as we were about to leave the apartment, we noticed that the door was not only UNLOCKED, but CRACKED OPEN! There are no door handles on the other side of this door, so we had no idea how this could have happened. We did not notice anything missing, so we ENSURED that it was locked again and went to have fun in Vegas. Throughout our stay, we would make a point to visibly notice of the door was closed. Our last full day there, we decided not to the have the room cleaned, so we put up the Do Not Dusturb sign on the door. No one as far as we knew enetered the room while we were out, BUT the next morning, the connecting door was UNLOCKED and CRACKED OPEN AGAIN! It gives the appearance once again that someone came into our room while we were sleeping.

We just hope there is some logical explanation for this - because I would take theft over the power a stranger has during our sleep. I did file an incident report with the management and security. I could go on, but I will stick with the facts and not the horrorible thoughts that reel in our head now.

I have to say that the place other than location, and this weird thing that happened was an ok and affordable place to stay. All personnel were extrememtly pleasant. But we will not be staying there, obviously. I would steer clear fo the rooms with connecting doors.
Kim Barrow <>
Seattle, WA, USA - Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 16:32:56 (CDT)
  My first trip to V egas
First of All the distance of the main strip is deceiving. Looked like I was right down the street and in walking distance to all the main casino's.... WRONG.
No coffee pots in the rooms. How hard would that be. I realize they want you to go play in the casino and buy there. Would it be that much cost lost to have a coffee pot in the room so that when you get up in the morning you could have a cup of coffee to get your day started.
Our first night there we were woken up at 4 in the morning by guest in the hotel who could not get in their room. They were screaming in the hall way banging on doors. My husband looked out of the room to see a security gaurd standing there who did nothing as this went on for an hour and a half. We did complain to the front desk that day. Which they told us there was nothing they could do. Sometimes these things just happen. Ok so maybe these things happen some times but does the screaming and banging have to go on for that long when there is a security gaurd also in the hall allowing this to go on. So they really care for the rest of their guest staying there.

We parked in the parking garage. We went to our vehicle everyday. Well on our last day there our vehicle got broken into. You would think with the money the casino makes they would have survellience through out the parking garage. Well they said they don't they only camera's are on the elevators and the stairs. They stole cd's, souvieneers that I had purchased on our drive up to vegas. cd player, cb radio, even 2 thermas's. Like what would you do with a used thermas. They even took our trip ticket. A map on how to get to vegas. We called security which of course they were not helpful. There is nothing they could do. I even had to go to City hall to file a police report. I could have file that over the phone, but they told me that if I place a report over the phone it wouold be at least 2 months before the report would get processed.

I would not stay at this hotel again.

Connie <>
Kenner, LA, USA - Monday, May 29, 2006 at 06:51:09 (PDT)
  Got food poisoning and would never ever come back here!
The Stratosphere hotel ruined our Las Vegas trip in so many ways. My wife and I had booked and planned our trip 5 months in advance, with the primary focus on seeing Barry Manilow at the Hilton (my wife is a HUGE fan and the reason we waited 5 months was so that I could get her the best seats, which turned out to be 2nd row center). Needless to say she was as excited as a little child on Christmas morning during the 5 month waiting time! Now, let me break down this horrible place by category for easier reading...

CHECK IN PROCESS - We arrived at the Stratosphere hotel on Thursday afternoon and we had to wait 40 MINUTES in line at the registration desk due to the fact that they had only 3 clerks, and what made things worse was they would help anyone who just walked up and skipped the line. After about 10 minutes I was fuming and decided to just walk up myself, and was promptly told to get back in line since I wasn't checking out or switching rooms, or that I wasn't a gold card member of the hotel. Finally got to the clerk after all that time and asked why it took almost as long to stand in line for check-in as it took to fly down from Washington State! All I got was a smile... no apology or even a caring look.

THE ROOM - I had anticipated a small room with the package I booked so I called in advance to upgrade to a larger room, that according to the hotel web-site had a minibar, room safe and a coffee maker. This room was not only a dump with a view of the parking garage across the street, it didn't have the above mentioned items. I called the front desk to inquire about this and was again promptly and rather shortly told that only the suites had these items in them, and "if" she could find one available it would cost an additional $275!!!! I just hung up in disbelief, I mean come on folks... we're not rich and snobby people, but at least a coffee maker would be nice to have, right?

FOOD POISONING - Friday night we ordered a sample appetizer plate from room service that contained 2 chicken wings, 2 chicken tenders and a couple quesadilla's. My wife ate the wings and we shared the rest. Within 2 hours she became VIOLENTLY ILL and was up all night and into the next day vomiting, in obvious pain and discomfort. She was only able to get out of bed all day on Saturday to use the bathroom. Very typical signs of food poisoning.

OTHER CASES - At the airport returning home, I mentioned this to the ticket gal at the gate and asked if my wife could get her seat early so she could sit and rest while the other passengers boarded - and she told me she'd heard of MULTIPLE cases of food poisoning from the Stratosphere, and that we should contact them and let them know they have yet another case.

FOLLOW-UP - When we returned home on Sunday my wife saw her doctor the next day and he confirmed it was indeed food poisoning.

BARRY MANILOW - Of course we missed the show, the whole reason we were in Vegas to begin with. She was devastated, to say the least.

HOTEL STAFF - Other than a couple bartenders and waitresses, they were all very indifferent to us - almost to the point of being rude. Like I said before, we're not old, rich or snobby people - we're just a couple of regular folks in our 40's who like to have fun, a few drinks, dance a little and gamble. The dealers at the tables seemed like zombies to me, no personalities and all of them acted like they totally didn't want to be there. Of course, with this hotel I can see why... they probably treat the employees like the guests.

Folks.... there's no reason on earth to stay or play at this place. They all could care less if you do and they act like it. Vegas is a wonderful town and there are many great hotels that's worth the prices they charge! Either that, or stay at a Motel 6 while you're there... at least you'll have hot coffee in your room in the morning.

David Sulman <>
Maple Valley, Wa, USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 13:54:42 (PDT)
  Stayed at the Strat in May 2005, had a cheep room in the old tower, safe was broke, there were stains on my chair and carpet. There was a sign that said use towels more then once and try to save water... well not sure of the exact words but when I am in Vegas I am use to taking at least 2 showers a day 'cause it's hot! I did call down for extra towels which took forever to get to me. Elevators and hall ways were very warm. Pool was nice. Buffet for dinner was ok. Shopping good, shows ok, don't walk out side down the strip at night by yourself if you are a woman, hotel is safe in side, I saw a lot of security guards. Did not win much in the casino, the slot machines were kind of dirty and some were old. Some of the dealers were rude when I was up and when I was loosing they were kind of nice, don't know what was up with that. Well anyway, I would not stay here again, try it once, you may like it but I need alittle more glitz next time.
USA - Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 19:25:55 (PDT)
  It is far from the strip and downtown it's right middle of vegas. Meaning not a good thing. You need some kind of transportation. Price is good. But to get comps is pretty hard I loss over $3,000 got nothing. Cheap place to stay, thats all.
Allan B
Los Angeles, CA, USA - Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 22:54:23 (PDT)
  we booked this hotel as part of a multi centre holiday & it was by far the worst.from the moment we arrived we were greeted by the unfriendy bar staff,to the unhelpful reservations.we stayed at the GOLDEN NUGGET in2002 & it was compare the 2 hotels was like comparing WAYNE NEWTON TO ELVIS !!!!
john burns <>
inverness, scotland - Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 03:57:16 (PST)
  To complain about the Stratosphere is the same as complaining that you don’t like the food McDonald’s. It was the low price that brought you there so swallow and be happy. The food at McDonald’s doesn’t kill you and the walk from the Strat to the strip won’t kill you either as long as you walk fast and carry a big stick! Just kidding,’s true that The Stratosphere is on the “fast food” side of the strip but the security keeps trouble from the hotel and its parking areas. The employees of the hotel are pleasant and appeared to be concerned with our well being. In my opinion the Stratosphere has the best paying odds and to be honest this virgin gambling couple made out very well in the casino. We had planned to see more of the strip but didn’t leave the Strat because of our five days of unbelievable winning. Screw the rest of the strip if you want win, visit the Stratosphere. We’ll be Back!
PJ <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 05:19:08 (PDT)
  Didnt stay here but its a nice place to shop for knik knacks at the nice gift shops. The clerks are very nice sweet young girls that seem to like their jobs. I went on a slow monday night shopping for junk & I sure found it!
I wanted to go up in the tower & they charge $6 or $10...I forgot but I had cash ready & the nice girl at the tower ticket booth asked if I was a guest & I said no. She asked again winking at me & I said oh...yes...Im a guest here & she let me in for free:) Im not handsome like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise by a long shot....just a ordinary looking 42 year old guy. I got to the top of the tower just to see its to tall to see Vegas unless you have binoculars but another well stocked gift shop was in it with another sweet talkative gal:) I didnt gamble at the Strat since I spent my low roller bankroll of $400 on souvineers LOL! My next trip to Vegas I will stay here. Im certain the service must be good at the hotel & casino since the shopping areas are so good! This place is really high class & even treats nobodys like me like a high roller!
Tom Morgan
AL, USA - Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 14:17:50 (PDT)
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