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Tropicana Resort and Casino
68,000 square foot casino. Over 1,800 rooms and suites, five restaurants, world's largest indoor/outdoor pool complete with a swim up Blackjack table, full spa, shopping area.

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2stars  What Service?
We came to the Tropicana with our kids because it had an indoor pool. We arrived around 8PM on a Monday and went to the front desk and gave the concierge our last name while my husband searched for our confirmation number. The gal at the desk told us that we didnt have a room. My husband found the confirmation number and she didn't even want to type it in. Finally she did and said "Oh, they put your name in wrong". She was really surly. we actually had to ask "Do we actually have a room?" Unfortunately, the answer was yes. The room was a suite and had a King size bed and a pullout sofabed. Well on pulling out the sofa bed we found that it was broken and the mattress fell to the ground. We called housekeeping and they brought a single rollout bed. We asked for more bedding to make up the couch for our other child. They brought us pillows and blankets but no sheets. They finally got us all the bedding neccessary on the third try. The shower was old and had something wrong with the temperature control so you could only get hot water about 1/2 the time. The drain was somewhat clogged. The faucets in the vanity leaked. The shower had dirty grout. The casino was old and dying.....Pool was kind of dirty. Not a great experience at all. Would recommend against staying here.
Jen Gray <>
Mukilteo, WA, USA - Friday, February 22, 2008 at 23:41:11 (CST)
My husband and I got married at the trop 4 years ago. We are going on our 8th trip in July. We would not stay anywhere else. I love the casino. We pretty much know the dealers now, but I love the size. There is no other casino on the strip that you can go into and go your seperate ways and still find the other person. It's awesome. We have stayed in a suite in the back tower, suite in the front tower, and regular rooms in both towers. Not a single complaint. The staff, check in, restaraunts, everything is wonderful. We love Mezuno's Steak House. I would recomend it to anyone. Especially the fried rice. We are disappointed that someone bought it out. Hopefully they will still make it a friendly hotel and casino, and not some huge place where you are a number.
Jennifer Curlee <>
Corpus Christi, TX, USA - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 16:55:23 (PDT)
  Where do I begin, I guess I will begin on day one. After arriving on a late night flight I ordered two glasses of wine. When asked by the bartender if we wanted to run a tab we said no and an instant attitude developed when he slammed down our debit card and walked away. We just assumed he was having a bad day. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived so they put us in another room for the night telling us our room would be ready by 11:00 the next morning. The next morning we called the front desk at 11:00 and we were told our room would not be ready until 12:00. We called back every hour for the next seven hours until the room was ready and the attendant on the phone copped an attitude saying we had to be out of the room NOW! So we moved to our new room, what a dump. I would not recommend walking in your socks or bare feet because you will ruin a pair of socks or have to wash your feet before putting your shoes on. The little settee that was in the room was broke and when you tried to sit in it you would be forced to the middle being that the springs were broke. The bathroom sink would not drain and the shower had mold growing in it. We were willing to let all this go by the wayside until we were down in the casino playing the slots and had ordered a few comp wines from a server. I do realize that they are busy but the server took ˝ an hour to make it back to us. When she arrived I asked her if the drinks she had on her tray were for us and she (JC was the name we were given by her) backed up as if we were going to attack her and yelled at us saying that we needed to be playing the slots to get the drinks. This was in a crowded part of the casino. More than a dozen other players around us had come up and told us how rude this was and could not believe we were treated like that. So I guess they either threw the drinks away or gave them to someone else. This was the straw that broke the camels back. We complained to the front desk in person by phone and in a written note to the Hotel management and no reply were given. Even after arriving home and trying to reach the management of the Tropicana to no avail. We have just chalked it up to being a bad mistake on our part and will never recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Las Vegas. I deal with a large group of people in my profession (250,000 annually) and my wife works for a major airline that flies to Vegas on a regular basis and we will be sure to spread the word about our stay. But in all fairness the entertainment was good. They had a couple doing Karaoke by the name or Rick and Kelly who put on a great show and the house keeping staff were very professional and their pool is fantastic but over all I have to give the hotel a thumbs down.
scott m millard <cygnusx1r@COMCAST.NET>
barnesville, oh, USA - Saturday, June 19, 2004 at 11:02:48 (PDT)
  Well the Mrs and Dingo just spent 3 nights in Vegas and Shag Fest 04 was awesome!!! Wife and I brought friends and we had the best sex ever. Didn't see much this time just shaggin' and gambling. We will be back in July for a mini vacation and shaggin'. Anyway Vegas is great as usual and next time we are gonna stay at the Stratosphere with another group of swingers. Well gotaa run wife needs some attention. Peace out and word up!!!!
Johnnie Dingo
USA - Monday, May 10, 2004 at 11:09:26 (PDT)
  Well the Mrs and Dingo just spent 3 nights in Vegas and Shag Fest 04 was awesome!!! Wife and I brought friends and we had the best sex ever. Didn't see much this time just shaggin' and gambling. We will be back in July for a mini vacation and shaggin'. Anyway Vegas is great as usual and next time we are gonna stay at the Stratosphere with another group of swingers. Well gotaa run wife needs some attention. Peace out and word up!!!!
Johnnie Dingo
USA - Monday, May 10, 2004 at 11:08:59 (PDT)
  Oh yeah!!! Dingo and wife are coming back to Vegas, more info very soon. SHag Fest '0 IV...............
Johnnie Dingo
USA - Tuesday, May 04, 2004 at 08:03:28 (PDT)
  my husband and i got married on 8/24/02 and we stood at the tropicana. it was great we enjoyed it so much that in july of 2003 we brought our parents with us and we stood at the tropicana. we spent a lot of time near the pool awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! and T.FOX saw him in august of 2002 and had to see him again in 2003 he is a great singer . i recommend this hotel to everyone

Amanda and Mark williams <>
fall river , ma, USA - Friday, November 21, 2003 at 16:34:41 (PST)
  I did not stay here, I stayed at the MGM and I am glad I did. I visited the Trop. the casino was very warm compared to the MGM, you guys need to turn up your air! The place seemed really old, run down and kind of dirty compared to other casino's in the area. I would not stay here only because the hotel is not cold enough in the summer months, maybe I would stay in the winter. Oh and I love the massage chairs, I put a $ in and it was great, I wish all hotels had this. Tropicana turn up the air to the max and remodel alittle and your all set.
USA - Friday, October 17, 2003 at 21:13:13 (PDT)
  enjoyed our stay!!
ron brewer <>
trenton, ohio, USA - Sunday, October 12, 2003 at 16:32:59 (PDT)
   We stayed at the Tropicna during the last week of July. I had been told that this is one of the oldest strip hotels and it shows it in many ways. There was dust and dirt on most everything around the casino and hotel and a lot of the famous tropical bamboo and fake plants are sadly in need of some cleaning or replacement.
When we checked in we waited almost 30 minutes in line to get to one of two clerks that was on duty at 1pm. The room we got had a wonderful view of the airport. When my wife put things on the bathroom counter we found that the counter was starting to fall off the wall. When it was brought to the attention of hotel staff they told us there was nothing that could be done as far as changing rooms because of a large convention in the hotel.
We decided to go to the pool, which by the way is rated one of the top 5 places in Vegas to cool off by the Travel channel. The highly touted swim up bar was closed and had lots of boxes piled around the interior as if it had not been open in months. There was no swim up blackjack either. The pool is wonderfuly large, but very dirty with leaves from the plants and trees on the poolside and in the pool. I thought it was just because it was late in the day and expected for it to be clean the next day but found that overnight the staff just washes the deck debris into the pool.
And just a warning....if you are going to the Tropicana for a convention and the rates are advertised...ask the reservation staff for rates in writing when you check in. Our rates were supposed to be 49 a night but turned out to be 99 a night. With confirmations in hand we brought this to the attention of the hotel manager on duty and were told that there was nothing he could do to change the rates. He also told us not only had our convention brochure been incorrectly printed but that their own reservation staff had quoted us the wrong price.
D.H. <>
Wichita, Ks, USA - Friday, September 05, 2003 at 06:48:14 (PDT)
  The Trop is definitely an older hotel! We stayed in the Island Tower and it is showing it's age. It is a nice place but badly in need of paint and repairs. The place smells kinda funky and the air conditioning did not work in parts of the hotel (near the kiosks and in Savannas). The wedding chapel is gorgeous and the reception/catering staff were excellent. After having a high-priced mediocre dinner at Savannas (strongly do not recommend) I was very worried about the reception we had planned the next day. They could not have been nicer, more helpful or efficient! The food at the reception was some of the best I have had in LV. Thanks Joanne! Based on price and location, I would recommend it. If ammenities and spotless modern rooms are important you'll be disappointed. Too many kids in the casino!
K. Mills <>
USA - Friday, August 01, 2003 at 11:24:10 (PDT)
  Did not stay here but stopped into go to the bathroom and I don't think I would stay there, elevator, bathroom and casino were dirty. Looked very worn out on the inside but the outside looks really cool at night.
USA - Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 22:33:13 (PDT)
  We stayed at the Tropicana last April because we had joined the slot club and received a discount offer in the mail for some cheap rates. Unfortunately when we checked out they would not honor the offer. The reason they gave us was we didnt spend enough money in the casino. They could have told us this on the phone when we made the reservation but they didnt say a word about having to gamble a specific amount. We gambled a lot there but apparently not enough to please management. We were very ticked off at this and it is a shame because the hotel and casino were very nice. Because of them not being honest with us we will not stay here again.
Mark Miner <>
Horton, Mi, USA - Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 16:53:25 (PST)
Went out first week of Aug. AWESOME. We were with another couple who planned
on renewing their vows at the Chapel there. Very nice little chapel I might add.
They had had trouble with their original booking, and the casino hostess took
care of them, put them up in the high-rollers suite. I cant even begin to
describe 2 bathrooms, 2 LRs, dinig, seperate steam shower, seperate dry
sauna etc. But, those rooms are for high rollers, I hope they get treated like
that! ANyways, by just being assosciated with this couple we got upgraded for
free to a mini-suite in the Island Tower. Mirrors everywhere! :) An excellent
vacation. Now, on to the review: For those who do not know, Trop is located at
the four corners of the Strip (LV BLvd and Tropicana Ave), next to MGM, and
across from NYNY, Excal etc. We had a car, but this is one of the places you
really do not have to have a car. AWSOME location. Next: Resturants. We did the
buffet there a couple of times (OK) and Calypso's once (Very good, I recommend
it). But, we really prefer the Pyramid Cafe @ Luxor for breakfast :)

The "doo-dads" type shops are cool, too. I would say,that there is more interesting
stuff there on sale than at most places I have stayed at (which is getting to
be a real assortment).

The free shows: GREAT. T.Fox is a real entertainer, don't miss him.
The Bird Man show is better than some of the pay ones I have seen.

Follies Bergere? S U X. An Amazing waste of time. Don't even go for the 2-for-1.
I only like to be seated in premium seats for any show I pay to see, however we
took advantage of a 2-for-1 that they gave with the room. WRONG CHOICE as they
put you seats 9-12 deep on a bench table that, as we know, seats you at 90
degrees opposed from the stage. So I got a good view of people's heads :(.
IN ADDITTION The dancers were out of sync; there were missed cues EVERYWHERE
and considering we went to the "boobie" show (10 PM) the boobies were gratuitous
and onstage for about 4 minutes.

My quote from the event.
"When the highlight of a showgirls-show is a 5' mexican guy juggling,
there is a problem"

There is a big sign up at the desk: NO REFUNDS.

I didnt realize it but that should have been a clue. Yes, I asked for a refund.
No I did not get one. When I wrote in, I got a very nice comp from the casino
(2 nights within the next 12 months) but indeed, no refund. SO they are serious:
NO REFUNDS on Follies.
CASINO: The casino floor itself is not huge. There is swim-up blackjack in the pool, it was $5 minimums
when we were there. All the standard games, I did
not see Casino War but mini-bac, 3-card poker etc. all the others were there,
My big beef was on weekday nights after 2 am they start closing down the
$5 tables and leaving the $10s and $25s. SO I ended up not playing there before bed, we
walked over to MGM instead usually. Oh one mor ething: The sportsbook is TINY and ARCHAIC,
all the books at the Coast and Station Casinos are bigger and better. Scary thought.
Nice museum there , though. All-in-all, I recommend.
It was my best time on-strip in LV. I wiould and will be staying there again. Tha
ks, Trop!
Stephen <>
Milford, MA, USA - Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 11:05:13 (PDT)

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